What is a cable modem mac address

Unless you are running linux, in which you can spoof the MAC address until you restart.

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Since you can't run linux on the modem, I don't think that you can change it. Yup its burned into the rom. I dont get why you want to change it? Sounds to me like he wants to run 2 cable modems to "theroretically" double his speed on the internet.

Can I use my own modem?

It won't work, simply because it is impossible to change the MAC address. You probably wouldn't want to change it tough They won't let any modems with MAC addresses that they don't know of on their network. The MAC address is how they keep track of subscribers.. Last edited by ccb; at PM. Just like my old Linksys hub!

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I thought of this too, but its impossible. If you could do that, you could get free internet, at least with most cable providers.

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A new cable modem plugged in will work for a week or so, and will stop after that if the mac address is not registered by then. I've actually heard of people using a modem for a long time before it was banned. You will definatly set off flags.

Mostly they would just disconnect you and you would lose service from them. Either way this is pretty much illegal stuff, either getting bandwidth you are not paying for, or free service. Those would be the only reasons someone would want to be able to change the mac address.

Actually I've had to fool with comcast lately. You can not combine the SAV Options. Skip to main content.

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