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My game screen is sometimes filled with unwanted background graphic that looks like fog or cloud. It happens in the Benchmark mode as well. Any solution? Showing 1 - 15 of 15 comments. Uninstall and play a better game.

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Get a refund if you can. Originally posted by yasoo :. Benj View Profile View Posts. Yeah, I have this too and looking for a solution. It's not somthing I see with other games using the Unreal Engine either. I'm going to install it in Windows via Bootcamp and see if that makes a difference. I suspect it's the way it's been repacked for OSX, probably a sloppy job. Last edited by Benj ; 22 Dec, pm.

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To be honest: The whole game got graphic Issues. It doesn't matter, if you got a good PC, Mac or Notebook. It is no fun to play it. Let me just name two things: 1. The AI. Everyone who played the game will know, what I am talking about.

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On one hand, the guards are able to spot you through walls, but on the other hand they don't recognize you, even if you are just 1 meter in front of them. Bugs and glitches everywhere! Jumping from a roof and landing on a market-stand? But there is no chance to move after that Endless falling animation ftw.

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But hey! The greatest thing was the Guard in Stonemarket, who spottet me on a rooftop. You will think: Huh? It is possible for the AI to spot you on that rooftop!

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I am all right with that. But when the AI started to shoot at me by using the sword-swing-animation I came to the following conclusion: Quit that game, delete it and never touch it again! Is anyone out there, who got experience with the same issues? Steal through the shadows as Garrett, a Master Thief with mysterious skills that make him the most wanted man in a forsaken city.

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The City is a gothic metropolis filled with dark alleys, treacherous rooftops and concealed vaults. As you explore its ramshackle streets and encounter its charismatic residents, you will uncover a hidden plot to harness a long-forgotten power for sinister ends…. Discover the secrets of The City as you infiltrate its buildings, navigate its streets and peer into the private lives of its inhabitants.

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