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The problem was when it ran out of gas it wouldn't start again until it sat for a half hour. I took it apart and found the fuel line was cracked.

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I figured I'd put a carb kit in it since it's kind of a pain to take apart. Now it runs for a couple minutes and dies. I think the crank case is filling with fuel. The spark plug is wet and a little fuel sprays out the muffler as I'm pulling. If I drain the fuel, pull the muffler off, set the piston at the top, and set it in the sun for a half hour it will start again and run for a couple minutes. My guess is the needle isn't seating. It's a walbro mdc carb.

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The instructions I got say the metering lever should just touch a straightedge placed on the carb body. I tried setting it lower but it didn't make a difference. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I replaced the Welch plugs. If they aren't sealing would that explain the problem? Deegore , Aug 5, Joined: Dec 6, Messages: 13, Likes Received: 10, Get a full oem kit, polish the seat with a q-tip and baking soda. HarleyT , Aug 5, Nathan lassley likes this. Skip ahead to about 4 minutes. Don't you hate when that happens. Steve Sidwell, Samsung On5 using Tapatalk.

There is a flimsy check valve in the MDC, like a piece of diaphragm in a brass body. If it was setting too long with fuel the check valve may have gotten gummed up.

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Make sure to pressure test the carburetor when you have it out again to make sure the needle and seat are functioning properly as well. Thanks for the help. I put 10psi to the carb and it is slowly losing pressure.

McCulloch Eager Beaver Chainsaw Carburetor Rebuild Part 2 of 2

Put it in water and the bubbles are coming from a small hole next to the venturi on the side that bolts to the engine. I think this hole provides pressure from the crankcase to the fuel pump. Maybe a bad fuel pump diaphragm? The problem is getting one, I've found some that are hundreds of dollars and I'm to cheap to throw that kind of money at it even though I don't own it or I find a simlar one but the seller refuses to give me any info. Get the best deals on Homelite Chainsaw Spark Plugs when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.

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Working on a XL chainsaw. Shouldnt I get at least a sputter? Thanks Rob Type: Spark Plug. Disconnect the kill switch and check for spark with a spark tester or known good plug. Homelite Super XL spark plug gap. Enter your Homelite model number below. Homelite Chainsaw Disassembly — Chainsaw Repair Help spark plug wrench, cord, clutch removal tool, adjustable wrench, T20 Torx screwdriver, needle nose pliers, 13mm socket, T30 Torx He said, the older points style most of the time will say "super 2" on the bar side in white.

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EUR Select a category below, or use our free Homelite Parts Lookup with exploded parts diagrams. If the porcelain insulator is cracked, an electrode has been burned away or damage d, or there is heavy carbon buildup at the electrode, replace the spark plug. Find great deals on eBay for homelite super xl coil and homelite super xl 12 coil. Repair your Homelite Chainsaw Spark Plug for less. But yes anything with a pancake boot, or a 45 degree plug wire end, will most likely be with the electronic ignition.

Most kits out there give Thanks to everyone who left a comment about my Homelite XL Saw, no spark, i finally got it fixed , the problem was the spark plug i had was a new plug i saw no spark, i noticed when i turned flywheel no spark on plug but without plug sticking screwdriver down in plug wire i felt jolt this plug ran perfect in my weedeater even showed spark on my weedeater an it was right plug for the Chainsaw Fits many Homelite Chainsaws.

Looking to fix your Homelite? We sell high quality Homelite Chainsaw Chain Adjusters and other parts online. Homelite products will last many years with minimum care and common-sense maintenance. Find great deals on eBay for homelite xl 76 coil. No one around here carries that plug and they ask me if I am sure if it is a Champion number. The carb was clean and it has good spark and compression but it doesn't seem to be getting any fuel. The Super 2 is on pages BB AutoZone is the best place to buy any parts you need for a tune-up.

Mcculloch Mac 25 35 Walbro MDC 11 Carburetor #2 for sale | eBay

If it ran when you parked it I don't see the module failing from just sitting. Several years ago when I got it, a Homelite dealer told me it was from based on the Serial number. The bore is 1. They probably don't want to work on it, most shops won't take in the old saws as parts are difficult to source. He said, the older points style most of the time will say "super 2" on the bar side in white.

What is the exact oil to gas ratio for a homelite super XI automatic chainsaw? Share Thread. Tried new spark plug grounded and no spark when cranked. I recently was given the task of fixing a homelite textron super XL and have determined it to have a bad coil. A spark plug is used to deliver electric current from an ignition system to an internal combustion engine. It uses an automatic oiler system to help keep your chainsaw lubricated while you are working. Choose a brand from the list below then locate the spark plug for your specific saw by model number.

Pull the rubber boot from the spark plug and use a socket wrench to remove the blunt plug. They were built with auto oilers only with a screw in plug in place of the manual oiler pump , but dealers could install the manual oiler pump before selling the saw.

The spark plug is a Champion CJ6, and the spark plug gap is. The plug boot has issues but works. Also for: Super xl ao, Xl Had good spark when removed from the saw. Among these tools is the Homelite chainsaw. He said it is a disk with indentations on both sides with 2 groves in it. Sold by CertifiedBattery.

Parts shouldn't be much of an issue. View online or download Homelite super 2 Service Manual. Make sure you take a plug with you to check for spark. Install the spark plug and the starter pull rope will not turn the engine over. I replaced the line and it ran a whole lot better, but it was a bear to put the line through the darn rubber grommets.

Unthread the screws and pop the cover off the top of the saw. I haven't a clue as I've never owned a homelite.