Mac sd card stuck in cd drive

A new location for the SD card would be a good thing.

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Loading page content. User profile for user: Kenichi Watanabe Kenichi Watanabe. Dec 31, PM in response to grisling In response to grisling Is it stuck in the slot area and blocking optical discs? Or did it completely fall inside somewhere? If it is not possible to see or reach the card, the back will probably need to be removed to get to it.

And that should be done by an Apple-certified technician to maintain the warranty. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Dec 31, PM in response to Kenichi Watanabe In response to Kenichi Watanabe I tried very carefully to reach it with a paper clip - but couldn't feel it - so I guess I's better go to my Apple dealer I haven't tried to introduce a cd - I was afraid, that it would only make it worse Message was edited by: grisling.

User profile for user: Kappy Kappy. Dec 31, PM in response to grisling In response to grisling You can try gently shaking the computer with the optical drive slot facing the floor to see if that may dislodge it.

File Copy Stuck at 5 Seconds Remaining [Fixed] – EaseUS

Dec 31, PM in response to grisling In response to grisling If it is all the way inside and not blocking use of the optical drive, maybe you should just do nothing. You lose use of that one SD card, but avoid the need to and cost of having a technician open up the iMac. User profile for user: seb seb I would be surprised if there was space for it plus the CD - I'd be tempted to take it to apple.

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  • Sd card stuck in cd drive -
  • I took it to the mac store and they tried to recover it and said they failed. Stating that once retrieved that the original optical drive would be ruined. I read this discussion and thank you to the person who stated using the paper clip.

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    I tilted the mac on it's side and used the L shape paper clip and it came right out. Apple really should start covering this under warranty, it's so common. Good luck, use the trusty paper clip! We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

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    Laptops 5 ways to eject an external drive from a Mac Pick your favorite way to eject disk volumes from your Mac and put an end to the Disk Not Ejected Properly warnings. By Matt Elliott. Right-click desktop icon Any external volume connected to your Mac shows up on your desktop. Drag to trash can You can drag the desktop icon for an external volume and drop it on the trash can in the Dock.

    Step 1: Firstly, install this program on your computer, and enter the license key to register it. Step 2: Then, launch it to get its main interface. Select the target SD card and click on Partition Recovery from the context menu to continue. Step 3: Set scanning range for the specified disk, and here we choose Full Disk.

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    Then click Next. Step 4: Select Quick Scan and click Next. Step 5: Once the partition is found, you can double-click it to view the contents to check whether it is the partition you need. Then, check it. If you have more one partition, please check all partitions including the existing one and lost one.

    If you ever put an SD card in the CD/DVD slot of iMac...

    Then click Finish to continue. Step 6: At last, assign the recovered partition a letter by clicking Change Drive Letter and click Apply button to make all changes performed. Please try the following solution.

    How to remove a CD Rom Disk that is stuck in a slot loading Apple's iMac or MacBook computers

    Thus, you can check and fix the errors with MiniTool Partition Wizard. After running this partition manager, you can select the partition of SD card and choose Check File System feature in its main interface. After that, the program will automatically check and fix detected file system errors, and you should be able to access the SD card and its files after successful repair.

    Under this situation, you need to run chkdsk.