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But since the slots had 2 2GB sticks, I only took out one stick and left the other 2GB stick in place. If it is, then your mini could also have 10GB instead of 8GB and that should be good enough for most things. With careful management, it should do fine. My wife has the same model Mac mini that you do. Her computer went from being unusably slow to being more than fast enough for what she does, which is basic email, web browsing, and Apple Photos. She has over 20, photos in Photos, because she never deletes anything.

Keep Your Aging Mac Mini Alive With a Few Clever Upgrades

I have a late Mac i7 2. I'm a serious photo hobbyist who uses Adobe CC and various other photo-editing programs Affinity Photo, Luminar, ON1 , and my Mac mini went from being unusably slow to being perfectly fine for my needs. It was like getting a brand new computer. My recommendation has some caveats. I have an electrical engineering degree and worked as a repair technician while I was getting my degree, back in the far-distant s.

The upgrade process for the mini isn't something I'd recommend for someone who has never done anything like it. If you're technically inclined, and if you follow OWC's videos and work very slowly and very carefully, it's not that bad. I've upgraded three minis now, and the third one for a friend was a piece of cake.

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The first two were nail-biters, though. You also have to consider the age of the mini. I'm thinking of selling mine, because the resale value is so high now.

Mac Mini SSD Upgrade Guide

If my mini supported a 4K monitor at 60 Hz, I'd keep it. I have a 13" Mac mini, so I don't absolutely need tow Macs. If I sell my mini, I'll probably get a Dell 27" 4K monitor for my photo editing. If you decide to do it yourself, check whether your current HDD is in the upper or lower bay. My wife's mini and mine were different. It makes a difference as to which Data Doubler kit you get. If this baffles you, the you probably don't want to do the upgrade yourself. If you don't feel comfortable doing the internal upgrade and creating a Fusion drive, then creating an external bootable SSD, as others have recommended, is fine.

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for your experience. What you outline IS similar. That said, I'm leaning toward the external and more ram, even if to see how much of a difference these two changes make first. It might be all I need.

If I determine otherwise, could I take the sdd out of it's case and install as an internal? Since the mini IS going on 6 years, the hdd might not have that much time anyhow and I'll be thinking then about an internal substitution. I'd then save the newer external ssd for my wife's Mac for the day HER hdd dies as an external boot. I'm assuming a 'data doubler' is something that is used internally, with the new ssd, but not on an external, correct? And, have you tried your system with and without the data doubler?

Is the difference tangible? I'm encouraged though by your words and all the other suggestions. Really thought I'd have to be on the lookout for a replacement mini in the near future. The current unit has become the entertainment server of the house as I'm looking next year to possibly cutting the cord, so being without would no doubt make my wife frown.

The data doubler is just the OWC kit of components needed to add a second drive to the mini SATA cable, bracket, rubber grommets , so it has nothing to do with speed. The mini has two drive bays, but unless you get the server model, it comes with just one drive installed, so one bay is empty. Most people create a Fusion drive, which is what I did.

Yes, you can take an external SSD out of its enclosure and put it in a computer later, or you can take it out of a computer and put it in an enclosure. If you do decide to add a second drive to your mini, bear in mind that some minis have the stock drive in the upper bay, and some in the lower. The About This Mac profile will tell you which configuration you have.

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It affects which data doubler kit you buy. I also got the optional toolkit and the optional Bluetooth shield a small copper strip that covers the end of the antenna-plate connector , both of which are inexpensive. Watch all the installation videos on the OWC site. The PDF versions made the process look too scary, but after I watched the videos, I decided I could handle the upgrade. I played the videos on my iPad, step by step, as I did the upgrade. On one mini, I had a hard time getting the antenna plate back in place.

I also had a hard time getting the logic board out. I just kept jiggling it back and forth, and it finally came free. Some people accidentally break off the IR connector or the fan connector, so I made it a point to be extremely careful with those. The key with is to be slow and patient, and not try to force anything. Great post. And enough with laptop grade computers for everything.

It was pretty straightforward and took me about 45 minutes. I did not install a Fusion drive, however, because then OS activity might keep the HD drive constantly awake and probably damage it sooner or later. Most standard HDs are not built for extended always-on operation.

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Compatible SSDs – Mac mini (2014 – 2017)

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Upgrading New 2014/ 2015 Mac Mini to SSD (Solid State Drive)

Started Dec 21, Discussions. Dec 21, Or should I look to just increase the ram? Any ideas are welcome. Apple later switched to an Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processor in late These third-generation Mac Mini computers only had an optional solid-state drive. However, the release of the fourth-generation Mac Mini in late introduced a USB-C port and made the solid-state drive mandatory. A solid-state drive is a form of electronic storage in which data is stored in discrete cells. The computer can access all cells at once with minimal wait times, so data transfer tends to be fast and responsive.

That is why a solid-state drive is frequently used to reduce the loading times in large programs. If the operating system is saved to the solid-state drive, then it can also reduce boot-up times. A solid-state drive can come in multiple configurations. Here is what you need to know about them:. Skip to main content. Mac mini SSD Desktops. See All.