Mac migration assistant stuck looking for source

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Code showed up, M. Make sure you click on the time machine disk that shows up in the "transfer information to this mac" screen.

Yes, I think this is largely a bad usability issue. You do not need the source computer to see the target computer. You select the source computer in the target's Migration Assistant panel and press "Continue" on the target computer. Then, go to source computer and press continue after ensuring that the same verification code is displayed. This may not work for all users and does not seem to affect that Thunderbolt never works. Someone posted the key to this issue above.

Once one of the computers finds the source or destination click the "next" button on that computer. The "looking" wheel will spin forever unless you do that.

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Folks, I was using a direct Ethernet connection between an old '08 laptop After a long! After turning off wifi, which comes on automatically upon boot, MA performed perfectly Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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  • Firstly, when you click Continue here, it might show you the code on the Mac, but the code on the PC may never show up. Instead, it might just keep saying Waiting for Mac to connect. In this case, quit the assistant on the PC and restart it. Secondly, for some odd reason, on my setup it showed a different code on the PC than the one of the Mac.

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    I clicked Continue on my PC anyway and it worked just fine, but not sure why that happened. It could have been because I restarted the assistant program on the PC. Either way, it worked with the different codes. Lastly, when you click Continue here, it might flash the code screen for a second and then instantly come back to the screen shown above. If this is the case, then restart the assistant app on the PC and that should fix the problem.

    Once you click Continue on the PC, it will tell you that the program is ready to transfer data and that you should choose the data on your Mac. If you go back to your Mac, the code screen should be gone and you should now see a dialog where you can pick the data to transfer. By default, it selects the common folders like Pictures, Documents, Videos, etc.

    How To Use Migration Assistant on Mac

    It also tries to find other potentially useful content like contacts, mail, calendars, and bookmarks. Surprisingly, it also lists out any other hard drives installed on your PC and you can easily copy data from there too. At the bottom, it tells you how much data you selected and how much is available to transfer.

    Manually Transferring Data

    Click Continue and the data transfer will begin. It also runs you through the legal documents and helps you decide on your privacy settings these affect apps such as Find My Friends. Next there is a window that allows you to Enable Siri, which will let you use the voice activated assistant to do various tasks on your Mac. Read: Things to ask Siri on the Mac. You can set this up now or skip the step and do it later. The next step involves setting up iCloud as long as you signed in with your Apple ID earlier. Apple provides you with 5GB of storage space to store documents in the new iCloud Drive. You can get more iCloud space, which you will probably need to get the most out of the useful service.