Mac disk erase failed file system formatter failed

For resolving this problem, you can repartition the Mac hard disk. It will solve all your hard drive associated problems.

However, it erases all hard disk partitions and stored data. It is easy to repartition a Mac hard drive. For this you will have to open Disk Utility and choose particular hard drive. After that click on 'Partition' tab and also select the number of partitions you want. Also choose the partition type by using 'Options' menu and adjust the required partition size and click 'Partition'.

However if this methods fails to solve this problem you can format your Macbook but it will erase your entire hard disk data. Therefore, it is necessary to generate a valid and updated backup of all your crucial data and also verify the integrity of backup. If you are not having a valid backup with you, it becomes necessary to use third-party Mac data recovery tools. These tools are especially designed to get back all your crucial Macbook data with the help of their advanced scanning techniques and algorithms.

How to Erase a Disk from Command Line in Mac OS X

Moreover, they have highly interactive and user-friendly interface which allows even non-technical users to easily operate them. Operating System: OS X Copyright Disclaimer -Macbook is Registered product and trademark of Apple corp. We at macbookdatarecovery. Fix "Macbook file system formatter failed" error Macbook is a highly advanced device which is used by people for performing various operations.

Can anyone confirm whether a drive can be formatted as exFat but nothing else? Is this 3tb Essential drive garbage? I cannot erase this 3TB on my mac; not chosing any file system. This is because its larger than 2TB yes?

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Has anyone come across a Hard Drive which can only be formatted as ExFat? And if so, is it fixable? I simnply want to understand so that i can move on with my life. For those in the same situation, yes a 3tb esstential HDD can damaged to the point where it can not be formatted as anything except ExFat. Would i buy WD again?

macos - Mac OS X fails when trying to format external HDD - Super User

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HOW TO FIX: Force a hard drive to unmount for formatting on Mac OS

External Drives for Mac. This drive will simply be used for backups.

Any help is appreciated as i am finding no joy on my own. Thank you. Wizer October 15, , am 2.