Erase process has failed mac name invalid

Based on what you told me, it sounds as though the directory on your hard disk is severely damaged. Start up your Mac, and as soon as you hear the startup chime begin holding down the Option key on the keyboard. Double-click on Disk Utility. In the Disk Utility window, click on the actual name of your hard drive in the column at the left side, then click the Repair Disk button toward the lower right corner of the Disk Utility window.

Repairing the disk should take several minutes, so be patient.

If Disk Utility indicates that it has repaired the disk successfully, click the Repair Disk Permissions button. This should also take several minutes.

SOLVED - Disk utility. Operation Failed... Erase process has failed. Press Done to Continue

Might as well make sure permissions are correct. When that procedure is complete, reboot your Mac normally…it should work. If Disk Utility indicates that it could not repair the disk, the next step is to attempt to repair the disk with a third party utility like Disk Warrior, which is a more thorough repair utility than Disk Utility. Thank you so much for your reply. After my last post, I tried to run the fsck -fy and then reboot, and all seemed to be successful… I was able to get onto the net and restore my session, though it was slight ly slow due to The internet I was using, which is the type that has several passwords for one wifi line to allow for many users comes up in a separate pop up window after a browser is selected for internet log on, but later in the day when I tried to use the same internet again…the endless beachball appeared and I had to force the power off again.

I thought nothing of it as I had left too many windows open, and there were many people using the net, but when I tried to start up again… same thing, grey screen spinning wheel. Anyways I next tried what you had recommended with the option key, and the first and only thing that came up on the screen was a globe icon and an option for internet recovery, so I selected that and the public network I had been using but it came back with the exclamation point in the triangle symbol, so I shut it down and tried again and it came up with the two HD options no globe, but still a bar to select network.

I selected the recovery HD Anyways it went black and then resulted again in the grey screen and spinning wheel.. I think I should also say that I have not been able to hear the start up chime throughout any of these processes. Although it might be the quickest fix, I do not have access to any recovery software, due to several factors.

Cannot erase USB flash drive, “name invalid”

Thank you so very much again for taking the time to reply, and please let me know if you have any further recommendations or next steps to take. After that it should boot normally. When I turn on the computer: There are 5 purple vertical stripes that appear on the screen! There are the startup sound and the grey apple. The progress- bar fills up very slowly until the quarter of the bar then it displays a white screen and its frozen. And… the computer resets after a few minutes! Could you help me please, i want to recover my datas with an external hard drive formatted ext.

Cedric, this sounds as though the problem is either bad RAM or a failing video circuit in your Mac. My first suggestion is that you reboot the computer in Target Disk Mode, which causes the computer to behave as though it were an external FireWire or Thunderbolt hard drive. Then, if you have a friend or colleague whose Mac you can borrow for a short time, you can connect your computer to another Mac using a FireWire or Thunderbolt cable, and it will appear on that screen just like any other external hard drive.

To start in Target Disk Mode, begin with your Mac off. Turn it on, and when you hear the startup tone begin pressing the letter T on your keyboard. Keep holding down the T key until your screen displays the FireWire and Thunderbolt symbols moving around.

Fixed Erase Process Has Failed Click Done to Continue

Then release the key…your computer is now in Target Disk Mode. What cable to use to connect your Mac to the other depends on what ports each Mac has. If both have FireWire ports, just use a FireWire cable. If both have Thunderbolt ports, use a Thunderbolt cable. With that done, at least you know your data is safe…you can have your Mac repaired. Since my last post, I reset the PRAM again which brought back the chime though that seems to be all , and I have also attempted severel different fsck checks in single user mode. To be more specific, the message is as follows:.

Disk 0s2: media not present 0 [level 3][read UID0] [facility. Today I found a known good wifi connection and tried to start up holding the option key again, and it came up with the HD and the recovery HD icons and the wifi select menu, but no globe or internet recovery option icon.

I double clicked on the recovery HD, but it still hangs on the grey apple screen and then it shuts off. I tried just to click on the regular HD and it does the same thing except it also shows a progress bar that only geta about a fourth shaded before the computer shuts itself off. I am not quite sure why the internet recovery option did not arise.

It also shuts itself off after booting into verbose mode and spitiing out some error messages that are not up long enough for me to read them. Anyways, I do not know if I need to say this, but it is extremely important to me that my computer functions, and my options are severly limited. Do I keep trying to fsck in single user mode? I have read that some people can get it to boot that way and then run the disk utility for repairs.

Pretty please let me know what you recommend with this additional information. Thanks again. Kind regards. I have an early Intel iMac running Booted fine this am; then during a heavy load — five programs up and running — and a planned Norton scan — machine froze. Waited 10 mins and used power button to turn off. On turning back on no boot except for white and blue screen. Maybe a classc problem of the Norton anti-virus etc causing chaos? Ditto in Safe mode get to the login screen; login and then get a blue screen.

Thoughts please? Next step? KRS for any help available. In OS X I have Mac and does not bootup. Upon power on it takes me to OS X Utilities.

Repair Your Mac's Drives With Disk Utility's First Aid

I see that harddisk but partition is greyed out. I was at Apple store last night, they are not very helpful and suggest easy route for them to reformat. However I have lot of files on drive which I need and do not have backup. I tried booting to safe mode, but fails I see blue screen with grey apple and question mark flash with disable symbol.

What do you suggest? Assuming Disk Utility reports that the drive was repaired successfully and the permissions repair was completed successfully, while still booted from the Recovery HD, try reinstalling OS X. Let me know if that fails…. If the above steps fail, the next step would be to use a third party disk utility like Disk Warrior.

You can read about Disk Warrior in other recent responses on this page. Alison, I would try attaching an external drive, installing OS X preferably same version as is on your internal drive , then booting from that external drive. Start up, and as soon as you hear the startup tone begin holding down the Option key on the keyboard. Select the external hard drive. When you get to the desktop, if your internal drive is accessible you can connect an external drive, and use Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper! Once you have a reliable backup of all your files, you can then erase the internal drive, install OS X from scratch, and use Migration Assistant to copy all your files and programs back from the backup.

Sorry to bother you again, but I have another question about the same problem. I was finally able to get to disk utility via the option you recommended by selecting the recovery HD from the startup manager.

Repair Your Mac's Drives With Disk Utility's First Aid

It did not list anything about repairing any of those, but it said that the repair permissions was successful or complete I do not remember the word it used exactly. Thank you again for taking the time to reply to people. Pretty please let me know if that is what you intened to write. Error getting file size.

Definite directory issue. See some of my other posts about repairing your disk with Disk Warrior. I think that will help.

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You might think that reinstalling OS X would be helpful because it would reinstall all those drivers…but installing anything on a disk with a damaged directory is a risky move. The two ways to repair a disk index directory are either to complete erase the disk and reinstall everything what a PAIN!! The depend on the fact that the directory is designed with duplication built in. They check for consistency of the main directory and the duplicate directory. When a mismatch is found they check the actual file locations to try to determine whether the main or duplicate is correct, then they change the incorrect one to match the other.

Third party disk repair utilities like Disk Warrior and TechTool Pro run much more comprehensive tests and can fix more serious problems.