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Auf fast jeder Festplatte treten zu einem beliebigen Zeitpunkt innerhalb der Lebensdauer Datenfehler auf. Diese Fehlermeldung fordert Sie auf, die auf der Quelle befindliche defekte Version durch die auf dem Backup vorhandene lesbare Version zu ersetzen. Was sind korrupte oder unlesbare Dateien? Der Cache wird dann von der Festplatte selbst nach und nach auf die Festplatte geschrieben. Diese Option hat keine Auswirkungen auf Objekte, die nur auf der obersten Ebene des Ziels vorhanden sind.

Deaktiviert ist diese Option auch dann, wenn das Ziel gleichzeitig Ihr Startvolume ist. Setzen Sie diese Option nur mit Vorsicht ein. Die sind beispielsweise Finder-Informationen, Resource Forks und andere programmspezifische Attribute. Here we describe the most common conditions that affect backup performance, and offer some suggestions for mitigating the effects of those conditions.

Reduce the number of files considered for backup CCC analyzes all of the files that are included in your backup set for consideration to be copied.

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If you have a particularly high number of files on your source volume, you may want to put some thought into how your files are organized. For example, if you have a large number of files that never change perhaps some old, completed projects , you can collect these into a folder named "Archives", back it up once, then exclude it from future backups. CCC will not delete excluded items from your destination unless you ask it to using Advanced Settings , so as long as you keep the original on your source volume, you will always have two copies of your archived content.

Because these items are excluded from your daily backups, CCC will not spend time or RAM enumerating through those files for changes.

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Hard drive performance and interface bandwidth Performance will be worse for smaller hard drives e. You will also get longer copy times when you have lots of small files vs. When you consider purchasing an external hard drive for backup, we recommend enclosures that have multiple interfaces e. Depending on how you use the Firewire or USB interfaces on your Mac, you may find that you get better performance or reliability when trying a different interface on your external backup disk.

Additionally, if your source volume is nearly full, we recommend that you replace it with a larger hard drive to avoid the performance implications of filesystem fragmentation.

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  • Spotlight Indexing Anything that causes CCC to compete for bandwidth to your source or destination volume will increase the amount of time that it takes to back up your data. Spotlight indexing is one such process that CCC typically must compete with for disk bandwidth. As you copy new data to your destination volume, for example, Spotlight wants to read those "new" files so it can index their contents. Having a Spotlight index of your backup volume may be unnecessary as you probably want to search for files only on your source volume. To disable Spotlight indexing on a volume that is dedicated to backup, drag the icon of the destination volume into the "Privacy" tab of Spotlight Preference Pane in the System Preferences application.

    If you do want the backup volume indexed, drag its icon out of the "Privacy" tab after the cloning and indexing will start immediately. CCC then compares these checksums to see if a file should be recopied. We recommend limiting the use of this option to weekly or monthly tasks, and scheduling such tasks to run when you are not typically using your Mac. Other applications and conditions that can lead to performance problems Over the years we have received numerous queries about poorer performance than what is expected.

    Careful analysis of the system log and Activity Monitor will usually reveal the culprit.

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    Here are some things that we usually look for: Other backup software copying simultaneously to the same volume, a different volume on the same disk, or across the same interface as CCC's destination. Utilities that watch filesystem activity and do things when file changes are detected. Daisy chaining Firewire devices is usually OK, though some enclosures can stall the entire Firewire bus when given too much bandwidth. If you see this behavior, try switching the order of devices in the chain, or attach your backupo disk directly to a Firewire port on your Mac.

    Using a wireless network connection to connect to a network volume. If you're seeing poor performance with a wireless connection, compare the performance when using a wired ethernet connection. You will also see dramatically better results if you back up to a disk image on a network volume rather than backing up directly to that network volume. Use the Console application to view the contents of the system log. CCC offers some advice around enabling encryption in the Disk Center. Enabling encryption on a volume that contains or will contain an installation of macos If your goal is to create a bootable, encrypted backup, use the following procedure: 1.

    Note: You must be logged in to an administrator account to perform this step. Open the Startup Disk preference pane and restart your Mac from backup volume. Reboot your Mac it will reboot from the backup volume. Open the Startup Disk preference pane and restart your Mac from your production startup volume. Note: Mac firmware cannot "see" FileVault-protected volumes larger than 2. Note: You do not have to wait for the conversion process to complete before using the backup disk.

    Additionally, you do not have to remain booted from the backup disk for the conversion process to complete. Die notwendigen Debatten beginnen erst New features include support for Tor bridges, persistent URLs, and auto-stop timers.

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