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The HEVC video encoding and decoding are hardware intensive. Convert iPhone Video to MP4. Gabriel is a technical editor with several years of writing experience. Gabriel covers video processing, post-production, hardware, Windows, Apple's Macs, iPhones, iPads, and all kinds of technology topics. He loves collecting cool gadgets and trying new things like virtual reality, drones, 8K TVs and the latest 4K games.

He also has interests in reading, photography, climbing, scuba diving, and tennis. Aiming to be the leading digital media company, Digiarty Software, Inc.

Vero 2. TL81 2 March 1. Seems to be AC-3 only. Though not all. Consistently interrupted playback. TL81 29 February 2. TL81 2 March 3. In the hope of a reply soon from the team, I can only continue to report what I find. DBMandrake 3 March 4. TL81 3 March 5. Fresh logs. ActionA 3 March 6. Tried this? Edit: Just realized you are on Vero2, not sure if this will be useful…. TL81 3 March 7. THEM 5 March 8. TL81 5 March 9. THEM 5 March DBMandrake 6 March You can install it as a test by doing the following: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install vero2-image The current released kernel is osmc Please let us know if this helps with stutter and no audio.

You can revert to the previous version with: sudo apt-get install vero2-image TL81 6 March Thanks for the suggestion. No change though. THEM 6 March TL81 11 March DBMandrake 11 March Here is an example to get you started: leave the existing line in place and add this as a new line, all as one line TL81 12 March System response got faster due to deletion of cache files and log files which onyx did not catch.

The superduper trial requires to delete all files at destination drive every time. Here is where CC trial version came in handy. CC copied the last files quickly. I made the 2nd drive startup disk. It was already made bootable by superduper. It is a very sophistcated job to take out the harddrives and renew them.

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The way how the mac mini is designed it actually has to become too hot when not in an airconditioned environment. I just put it up-side-down with the cap removed. CarbonCopy is a much more reliable backup and cloning tool. Unfortunately it is not free of charge anymore. If your system does not boot you are in trouble. Time Machine backups need to be restored to a functioning drive, meaning you must first get your system back in working order before they can be used. Users for whom instant recovery is less of a concern, however, will find Time Machine more than adequate.

These have to be bought from the application store.

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Several applications compatible only until OS X version You will need to unblock it in Security preferences. Ever heard of Clean My Mac?

2. Check your Startup Items

I dont think I have heard anything bad about it though. Hi Bjoernar I have a Mac book pro 12 inch which has worked well since I got it. I ve tried rebooting it and the same thing happens over and over again. Any ideas on what I could try? Not sure. Are you able to boot from another drive or USB stick maybe? Check if your system drive is OK…. Stay away from MacKeeper. Its just BAD. They want to pay me to recommend it to you but the free alternatives are just as GOOD. I really hope it will make more sense to you the second time around. BTW, this comment was made without malice but as a genuine attempt to correct, what in my view was, a very obvious misunderstanding.

Easily one of the better performance articles! I tried to make this post as good as possible. I will add CCleaner as a suggestion because I used that software a lot on Windows machines. It works pretty good and its free. The design of the site is pretty old yes. But the software is up to date and safe to use. This software demands each use, you have to enter in a name and a password. Then when I added one it said the password was wrong. This is the password for your Mac.

Something you should have chosen yourself. If you dont have any password set for your Mac just press enter and it should start. I dragged onyx into my applications folder. Do I need to do anything else to make it run? I am not computer savvy as you can tell. Thank you in advance! You have to right-click hold CMD down when you open it and select open to allow it to run on your Mac. Thank you so much for this tips. I recently purchased Imac and this is my first mac machine..

Choppy Video Playback on Mac Mini

It was difficult for me to move from window to mac as my Imac was super slow. Your tips helped me to improve speed of my Imac. Thanx for the help for my Mac mini. I have speed again. I have also installed external hard drives. I am an artist and rely on my computer for many things. This has saved me a great expense. You are a genius.

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I have an almost opposite issue with sleep mode. Really strange, i would have expected Time Machine to speed up when no one else is using it but it it the opposite. I have disable the energy saver features and the screen saver now , but to no avail. I reinstalled Mavericks yesterday, which seems to make the system a little more responsive less spinning ball , but did not result in a lot of speed change. Not sure why this happens. Never heard of time machine slowing down when the lockscreen is on. Maybe set the power saving settings temporarily off while you do the initial backup and set them back again when its done.

Many thanks for this article. Both have gone increasingly slow this last couple of weeks.

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I only upgraded to Mavericks about weeks ago and have all of the latest Adobe CC software on. Was getting worried it could be something more sinister. Getting the coloured wheel constantly, even just clicking on a folder to see its contents can take anything from seconds. Any suggestions? Hi Bjoernar — coincidence that 2 separate Macs are experiencing similar symptoms? What is the best way to check out the hard drive? And could a rogue font be the problem?

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