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The Icon no longer appears on any of my apple devices. Its was fine until the update. Any advice or tips on how I can sort this out. One more reason Apple sucks. A smartphone costing half the price of of an iphone6 easily hooks up to a TV for screen mirroring. Never again will i waste money on apple products of any kind, they are buggy and difficult to use. I turned Bluetooth off but it did not produce the airplay icon. It did not work for me.

Found this issue today on my iPad and iPhone. My Bluetooth was already off. Turning it on brought AirPlay back. So I guess the action of toggling Bluetooth, either on or off, seems to rectify the problem. I got AirPlay to display on our Gen 2 iPads. Airplane mode stayed on and in 3 seconds the AirPlay icon displayed in the Control Center. Resolved: I HAD the same problem. The Airplay icon did not appear in the menu bar, nor did turning bluetooth off help the problem. The Built-in-Display window appears. At the bottom, be sure that Airplay display says: AppleTV and then be sure to check the box that says: Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available.

Almost immediately, the icon will appear in your menu bar. My iphone 4 legit has no airplay option my itunes can see that there is airplay on my computer and i can use it but my phone wont even have the button for airplay. Thank god for that. Ive looked everywhere for this solution and its been driving me mad. Something so simple as to turn the Bluetooth off Cheers! Airplay icon now missing from my Mountain Lion Mac. Just in the last few days. Tried all of the above.

Has worked for years and now does not appear. No changes have occurred in moving my Mac. Same location. After spending a frustrating couple of days, I found that AirPlay seems to be incompatible with Bluetooth. As soon as I turned Bluetooth off, the Airplay icon appeared. I have an iPhone 4S.

Add AirPlay-Like Mirroring to Older Macs and Windows

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How Do You Get AirPlay Answered - How To Get AirPlay On A Mac

Search posts. SK Managing Editor. Show 32 Comments Where is Airplay on my ipad? Hi G, Swipe down control center from the top-right corner of your screen where your battery info is —you should find the music card there, the deep press it to open up the card and deep press the AirPlay icon in the top right corner to see AirPlay device options. Hi Jim, With iOS 12, the location of the control center changed to the upper-right corner. With the open source implementations of the AirPlay protocol, any computer can now be turned into an AirPlay receiver.

However, because not all third-party receivers implement Apple's DRM encryption, some media, such as iTunes Store's own rights-protected music Apple's own " FairPlay " encryption , YouTube , and Netflix , cannot stream to those devices or software. On Apple TV starting with firmware 6. Often these receivers are built to only support the audio component of AirPlay, much like AirTunes. Bluetooth devices headsets, speakers that support the A2DP profile also appear as AirPlay receivers when paired with an iOS device, although Bluetooth is a device-to-device protocol that does not rely on a wireless network access point.

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Originally, devices had to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, but since iOS 8 devices can use some kind of ad-hoc mode and thus do not require an existing Wi-Fi network. The protocol supports metadata packets that determine the final output volume on the receiving end. This makes it possible to always send audio data unprocessed at its original full volume, preventing sound quality deterioration due to reduction in bit depth and thus sound quality which would otherwise occur if changes in volume were made to the source stream before transmitting.

It also makes possible the streaming of one source to multiple targets each with its own volume control. AirPlay Mirroring is a slightly different technology that allows specific content to be broadcast from a variety of iOS devices and iTunes to an Apple TV 2nd Gen or later. The exact composition of the protocols that AirPlay Mirroring uses have not yet fully been discovered, or reverse-engineered.

On April 8, , James Laird reverse-engineered and released the private key used by the Apple AirPort Express to decrypt incoming audio streams. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This $10 app enables AirPlay on older Macs

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